Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Software

Credit repair softwareCredit repair software is a powerful tool for fixing your own credit profile. You can run these apps on your PC or mobile device.

If you are intimidated by keeping track of the various forms for fixing your credit, then you’ll benefit from these programs. They are easy to use and they’re inexpensive.

Meeting deadlines for sending dispute letters involves time and attention to detail. Your situation may be more complex.

Your credit record may have accounts spread over several years making them difficult to track and organize. This can result in a dizzying sequence of credit forms and dates that must be kept organized.

People are recovering from the recent recession so rebuilding credit is a hot topic. Lucky for us, tools such as credit repair software are available.

What is Credit Repair Software?

Credit repair software makes it easy for you to correct errors in your credit report. The program uses automation to collect your data from the “Big Three” credit bureaus: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. It then generates your credit reports and scores.

Knowledge is power. Having information of what is being reported about you puts you in better control of your public record. The software generates credit dispute letters for you to present to your creditors. Disputing negative items in your record is how most credit repair is done.

The best credit repair programs have a built in scheduler that keeps you informed about your accounts and payment dates. You can see the advantage this gives you as you negotiate with your creditors.

These software program tracks your progress as you have negative items removed and corrected. They will alert you to changes such as when your creditor sells the account to a collection company. Most of these programs simulate your credit score based on payments and details you specify. They then offer you advice on how to boost your credit score and improve your profile.

What to Look For In Computerized
Credit Repair Programs

Computer credit repair programs should assist you at every step during the process of correcting your credit records. The best software goes further by managing your accounts. It schedules and tracks ongoing payments, and it calculates payoff amounts and expenses. It also suggests options that could affect your credit profile. It will show you how to optimize your credit scores.

Most credit repair software offers tutorials for learning these programs. It becomes easy to work with scoring systems and to generate documents you need to fix your credit.

State and national laws for consumer rights and credit reporting varies. Also, you may be in a different location than the companies that are reporting your credit information. You’ll probably need to synchronize the program’s dates and calendars. It’s also usually necessary to customize your individual profile with the software you’re using.

Credit repair software should:

  • Generate attorney-approved credit dispute letters
  • Give you tips for negotiating with creditors
  • Educate you on the major credit scoring systems
  • Track your progress with corrections and disputes
  • Advise you about the effects your actions have on your scores
  • Inform you about specific credit repair laws in your state
  • Obtain and print your credit reports from the “Big 3” credit bureaus
  • Remind you of tasks and deadlines for completing them
  • Provide security for storing personal financial and credit information

Those who use this kind of software are usually most concerned about security, but convenience is important too.

Credit software programs have improved over recent years. Now they are easy to use and intuitive. Calendars built into them display reminders for dispute letters and deadlines for processing them. These are point-and-click programs that make sending correspondence to creditors and credit reporting companies very easy.

New credit restoration software offers good security too: They easily integrate with personal computers, offering firewalls and SSL encryption. This provides you with a high level of security that shields you from most hacking attempts.

How to Get Software That Helps You Fix Your Credit

In the past few years there has been a great amount of interest in computer programs that manage and repair credit. As a result, many companies have emerged to provide the software that does this. These vendors cater mostly to the individual consumer but also offer their software products and services to businesses.

Consumers and business buyers should consider the costs in relation to the program’s functionality, security and real tangible benefits. Critically reviewing particular vendors will usually reveal their track record for service and support as well as results one can expect from their software.

It is a competitive marketplace and most of the established software companies will let you have a free trial period so that you can “test drive” it and become familiar with it. Even if they don’t advertise a free trial, you should always ask their sales department for at least 7-30 days at no cost to see if it will benefit you.

Most of the software for fixing credit is available as a stand-alone program that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Others are web-based and don’t require installation. Whether stored on your PC or you access it via the web, most of these programs involve only a one-time payment.

The benefit of this compared with hiring a professional credit repair consultant is the money you can save by not paying for these services each month.

There are also some subscription services for good credit repair software that requires ongoing payments. You’ll have to evaluate these services to compare costs and determine whether it’s worth buying the software as a subscription or as a single one time purchase.

Credit repair businesses are more willing to purchase software as a subscription with recurring charges. This is because professional software often involves service agreements and technical support which is included in the purchase.

If you are looking for an easy way to tackle credit repair by doing it yourself, then you should learn about these programs. You can shop on the web to compare features and prices and then download your program. Or you can try the solutions that don’t require installing anything on your local computer and just log into them on the internet. Many offer a free trial.

Credit repair software has evolved. It makes it easy for you to restore your good credit profile. Instead of hiring a credit consultant or law firm to do the work, these software solutions can save you time and money through the credit repair process.